we are keygc.

KeyGC is a way of life for our general counsels. These attorneys have spent their careers excelling in corporate America and in national law firms.


We think of ourselves as businesspeople with legal backgrounds.What drives us now is a passion to work side-by-side with clients. Not as lawyers who dip our toes into the client’s business only when necessary but as partners.



That's the reason we became lawyers.





Mitchell Stier
Jeff Tamarin
Scott Bloom
Russell Hochman


Solutions. Not Problems.

Each KeyGC attorney is an independent general counsel who knows what it takes for you to run a business.

Our mission is to find solutions not simply to point out the problems.



Featured National Law Firm Partners

KeyGC attorneys can collaborate with your choice of outside counsel or offer you access to the resources of any of our national law firm partners.


Kelley Drye Kelley Drye




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